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April 12, 1961: A day to follow

In my opinion, there are two important days in the history of humankind. I don’t know the date for the first earlier one, but I’m sure that the second was April 12, 1961. Our species achieved twice to do a step forward, towards a largest space, determined to dominate on it, live on it, create on it. If we count today the achievements of the first voyage into a space too vast for a person who took the decision to literally step forwards, we have no idea yet, of the consequences and the evolution of a journey into a larger space, where a fellow human just entered 57 years ago.

Lucy’s step was that one that permitted for the first time to that Australopithecus see over the high grass, into a broader horizon and develop the necessary skills to explore all the lands and seas of the planet where the only kind of life known to us ever appeared.

Yuri’s metaphorical step into the outer space, which may not be named “outer” someday, was the one who put our species into another reference, a new endeavor which just started. Good times to live, better to follow. We know today much less for our new space, the one where Yuri Gagarin stepped first, than the comrades of Lucy knew about our planetary world.

We have another big obstacle to bypass, in order to continue the journey. We have to cherish our species, our planet and every other species on it. We have to “grow up” and achieve to live with the tools that our knowledge provided. In order to do it, we should be inspired by days like this, when just 16 years after the great catastrophe of WWII, instead of breaking the borders of neighboring countries, we broke the borders of our planetary prison.

Glory to you, first of us, Yuri Gagarin. Humankind is eternally grateful, to you, one of us, one of our heroes!

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