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Brexit, but why?

It’s June 24, 2016, today and we have an element to discuss. The Brits’ vote to leave the EU by 4% more than the supporters of “remain”. The consequences of such a thing and the time to occur isn’t known, but there are a lot more things well known and can be discussed today. About what has already happened.

Almost every conscious person in Europe knows well that EU is nothing more than a union in the base of common economic interest. It’s not a union of people or even a union of countries or nations. This statement means that political consciousness in Europe is far too low. Higher than in other regions of our world, but worryingly low.

So, the problem isn’t the integrity of the Old Continent, the links between its people, the cultural exchange etc. The problem is much simpler but still a lot complicated in order to analyze and discuss.

The problem is: how people react to the perspective of their future in the EU and more important: WHY? The answer to this “why” is the key in order to celebrate or regret today. It’s almost common sense (and consciousness isn’t needed for this) that peoples have a tough time in EU. So, their reaction to the perspective of continuing living in a multinational institution is easily negative. Someone could say that this is something good, “peoples are acting for their interest”. That’s the problem, there are a lot of these “someone”.

Actually peoples don’t turn their back to the EU by will to fight for a better future. They do this because they follow the populist propaganda of a part of any country’s capital who can take advantage of this kind of “leave”.

More worrying is the fact that this part of the capital, in almost every European country, is partly politically represented by fascist parties, who gain more and more popularity. So, we have people, working class, middle class, supporting a part of their class enemies by supporting and adopting ideas of the worst ideology ever appeared on Earth.

On the other hand, more worrying is the fact that under these circumstances, people who are supposed to fight against this kind of rulers (as the bourgeoisie is in its ensemble) are celebrating this kind of “people’s” decisions.

It seems that the experience of the Greek referendum of 2015 didn’t provide any knowledge to people of 2016, or this kind of people is unable to gain any kind of experience, because experience has to be decoded by a critical mind.

The most worrying today is that the majority of people is either crying for the lost dream of a part of the bourgeoisie or celebrating the victory of another part of the same ruling class. These two facts are the reason for which the BRexit, or GRexit, or any other “leave” isn’t by itself the worst news of the day.

Peoples of Europe didn’t leave their continent. Peoples of Europe left their future in the hands of their rulers, giving also their minds. This is why the consequences will be tough for all, for those who remain, for those who leave and for those who never were in the EU.

So, if you are celebrating today, or if you are crying or worry but would celebrate with another referendum result, try to think once more. You live only once, who do you want to rule this ONE life? You or somebody else? For the time, we are surrendered. We cannot do too much, but those who at least don’t accept it, are my friends.

The rest of you, I’m sorry, you selected to bypass your own life, and it seems that you don’t want to change your mind. So, it’s a choice.

Good morning people. And make your luck.

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