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100 years ever since the first bridges were built to let the future pass along

There were two great steps of the mankind, so far, in the history we know for our species and our ancestors. The first, which marked our birth, was that bold step of an old ancestor who stood up to contemplate the endless horizon and conquer it. The second, which was our first steady step forward, was in 1917, those days of October, as indicated on the diaries of that time, in St. Petersburg.

There is no exaggeration in this statement, but surely an explanation is necessary, as even today, 100 years after the day that human became “him, the giant”, many members of our species do not perceive in its totality the great change which happened that night, November 7 to 8, 1917. After about 2 million years of wandering on a planet, human managed to subdue his greatest weakness, he managed to live with other people, without need to eat them, kill them, exploit the other members of his own culture. He finally managed to live and enjoy life with them after this long process of wandering, while he learned how to do and to create, by opening the horizon of the distant ancestor in even larger widths.

The cannon of Aurora and the storming of the Winter Palace marked the raid in a new world not only for the hundreds who took part in it, but for the billions who lived and will live all over our planet from that day onwards. This anniversary does not require the ideological agreement of someone to celebrate it. Someone needs to have only a simple perception of the history of the world, the nature in which we and consequently our civilization live, that follows the unidirectional arrow of progress, in order to understand it. October’s anniversary celebration is not a “national celebration,” it is the expression of the happiness to live in times following the “raid in heaven”, with the material knowledge now that our species is not condemned, it can live in the “Kingdom of freedom”, if not here and today, surely tomorrow and all over the world!

How simpler can be a slogan in order to end death and start life? This question was answered by Lenin in 1917 when he launched the historical slogan “Bread and Peace” for which the Bolsheviks raised their flags and weapons. How much simpler can be the truth about what humanity needs to make progress? Bread and Peace, for everyone! Never again in History a motto was about Everyone, all the members of a society, all the cells of a civilization. In 1917, in the midst of the First World War, one of the most brilliant personalities that our world has ever seen, captured this simple truth, which is as simple as Newton’s laws of mechanics, because both these truths in a simple and brief way describe something natural. However, neither has anyone before Newton described Newtonian Mechanics, nor has anyone before Lenin led a revolution aimed at the actual abolition of exploitation. Ιf today’s modern knowledge on physics supplements Newton’s wisdom, so does our knowledge of the building of a New World, it can supplement Lenin’s thought, not overthrow it.

We are fortunate to live at a time when, in a period that begins before and ends after our own personal life, human civilization encounters the greatest social cosmogony. The rapid growth of capitalism has given to workers of the world the power to know how to make more of themselves, even more than they can consume. At the same time, in order to do so, it also gave them the ability to understand their power through Marx and Engels’ mouth and pen, to realize that “they only have to lose their chains” . The proletarians of all countries, for about 150 years, are uniting and devouring their exploiters. Do not be surprised by the temporary negative evolution of the last decades, we must always look broader on the horizon, let alone when we talk about History – and that’s where the game is won, more decisively, since that October.

We live at a time when we know the real history of a country, the Soviet Union, that took people from the mud, hunger and trench, and put them in theaters, universities and even space. This is a fortune that our ancestors, the billions who lived before the 20th century, did not have. This is a good reason to celebrate those days of October. We live at a time when the existence of a country, the Soviet Union, meant for the peoples of hundreds of other countries to have food on the table, that every day they would be in better conditions than the previous one, that their children would not be killed in wars, and even then, this country would be at the forefront to protect mankind from its own maledictions.

We are fortunate to live at a time when the last monstrous effort of members of our civilization to destroy it, has been defeated. This happened in 1945, on May 9, and remained in History as the “Great Anti-fascist Victory Day”. We owe this fortune to “October”, which gave birth to those millions of heroes. If they had not given their blood, their lives, today the monuments of the whole world would still have the symbols of the monster, and our civilization would have kneel a lot more than its current temporary setback.

We are lucky, we, 100 years after “October”, because we know that the next of us will continue these steps. We may be a little dazed and surmounted now, because “1991” was a backward hit that no one expected, but every year, every single day from “October” until those “black Christmas”, is transformed today into knowledge for where and how we should move from now on. This can not be understood by any rival: as history evolves, everything is on our side. We would not have understood it if we were not lucky to live after that October.

Bread and Peace, work for all, education and health, literacy for the most remote social entity of a huge country, striking the fascist monster, conquering the new space horizon, these are the battles that October won. The entrance to the Winter Palace was simply the shooting of the avenger, from that evening all mankind began to run forward.

A few million years ago, human stood up on his hind legs, the ones that stayed on the ground, to look over the obstacles, the leaves that hid the horizon and moved, migrated, conquered his home, the Earth. On November 7, 1917, human stood up in his real height to look over the obstacles of his early age, the exploitation that hid his way and exalted himself, conquer the Cosmos and things that even today he can not even today imagine.

On November 7, 2017, everyone has a reason to celebrate, because if he stands on the Earth and feels, sees the world around him, then he realizes that everything he understands could not have been so, if October didn’t happen. Eternal gratitude to those who took the step forward, those who started, broke the ice and laid the road, humanity would continue the raid to the sky!

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