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An international new start

Several years ago, in June 30th 2012, I started writing in this blog my thoughts, sharing with people who know me and several more, as internet gives us this privilege. This post indicates a new start, parallel with the original blog written in greek. A voice who can speak more than one languages is stronger, louder and this blog will speak also in an international common language, in our days in english.

So, nice to meet you again, dear friends and nice to welcome those who can share these thoughts for the first time. Let’s have a nice beginning in our journey.

An important thing to precise, for the new followers (and those who ignored it) is the name of this site. Aegletes and Coelispex are just two surnames of Apollo, one in greek and one in latin, indicating the journey of our civilization, or at least, the civilization reflected in the thoughts shared here!

The featured image of this post is the Poseidon Temple at Sounion, in Attica, Greece, just to mention the original logo of this blog, which was a picture of this mythical place.

Nice to see you here!

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