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Time for Space

I was given a ship in the middle of the ocean

I didn’t know where we’re coming from
I often ask my companions
I’m listening to their stories
I’m amazed with their tales
I still wonder where are we coming from

I still wonder why we wander in the vast ocean,
Why have we been in this ship?
How did we get into our wooden shelter?

Where do we want to go?
Where do we have to go?
I often stare the stars
They turn around us every day differently
Should we follow them or go against them?

I have fear of the tales of my companions
Can I navigate this ship far away from the dangerous creatures of their nightmares?
Can I navigate this ship in places coming from their dreams?
Sometimes, in the endless journey, I’m wondering if I’m thinking or just having nightmares

Fortunately, the old captain is here
He usually keeps my hand on the helm
Sometimes he forces my hand to change direction
Usually I cannot understand why
Sometimes I want to turn on my own
Sometimes I’m afraid to do it

But every day I’m wondering where are we going
I’m wondering if we wander alone in this ocean
I’m almost sure that we don’t
There should be others around
The ocean is too big and we are too small
They should navigate towards the same direction
We should meet each other at the destination
We’re all just too small
We cannot see each other in the big ocean
Our enemies, the great waves, seem bigger than our unknown companions
But everyday we beat these enemies, so should they do

I’m just wondering, will we reach the places of our dreams?
Or we’re going to live the frightening tales of my companions?
If these creatures don’t exist, why they think of them?
If they exist how did they manage to overcome them?

The captain keeps my hand and I want to steer up to the stars
I want to see the ocean from that altitude, to know where we are
I want to see our imaginary path on the water, to know where we’re going
Thus, the ship will turn around me every day
The ship, our distant companions, the beasts and the utopian places should be visible

Oh, old captain, if only you could move my hand to the heavens
I don’t know if I’ll ever do it, maybe never
You didn’t, if it’s not me, maybe it will be the next one
But he will have to do all this once again

He will be given a ship in the middle of the ocean

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