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On the eve of destruction

It’s the first time ever I’m so worried. We read the history books and the first thing wandered was almost always how people of these or other times couldn’t understand the tragic effects of political evolutions which lead to massacres, to total catastrophes. Our generation, never got involved in a war in Western World, has to compare now what’s going on in the most sensible corner of our planet, the one who born our first civilizations.

Our species, since a few decades, has the tools to expand its dominance in unknown worlds but in the mean time to make our world unknown and eternally forgotten. This concentrated power is the greatest danger we ever faced, never expressed during the last century in worldwide dimensions, for reasons that are to hard to analytically explain here.

A look into the military power which is getting prepared to fight at the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, with the Syrian terrain at stake, is enough to make anyone understand what is very probable to happen and very soon. Another look into how people react in the rest of the world is enough to born the pessimism for the unreadiness of our societies to face the danger of a total destruction, the damages of hundreds of thousands of lives.

What our world doesn’t understand is a combination of two things, crucial to understand the dangers and the solution in the mean time. The first one is WHY the war happens in the Middle East and the second is HOW this can be stopped, whereas the second depends to the first. I’ll try to give brief answers to these two questions, as I got them in my mind, as a result of the point I’m seeing the world and the way I do it, based on some values, principles and in the mean time dreams for the perspective of human presence in our universe.

WHY it’s done?

I could use thousands of words to explain the propaganda which makes peoples approve decisions of their leaders to go to world, give examples from history, from the darkest pages of human history, but I’ve seen something better. There’s just a picture, from the TV series “House of Cards” which brilliantly discusses the political life in one of the superpowers of the world, for the time the most powerful.

I will not discuss if this is one of the reasons that “House of Cards” will never exist again in the way we knew it, because this is another sensible issue and I don’t like the conspiracy theories. What can I show, on the other hand, is the position of Syria in a map, relatively to other oil-producing countries and mostly Qatar, considered evil even by its Arab brothers, who applied a blockade because of the instability this little rich country provokes in the Middle East.

You can understand that the way from Qatar to Europe passes through Turkey and …Syria!!! Yes, but Syria in the mean time is the only land where there are Russian interests, as well a future pipeline from Iran, next to the “mare nostrum”, which is now plenty of US air-fighters and missiles. Given that after a long and world wide economic instability, who brought China in a position of advantage compared to the traditional powers of last decades, these two camps, have to fight hard for this part of land. It’s crucial for their survival in a monstrous world with borders, capitals, national bourgeoisies, international trusts and military organizations.

That’s why they are there. That’s why the bigger aircraft carrier of the world, priced as much as 4 interplanetary space missions, is approaching this land. That’s why in some days there will be the start of a devastating destruction, with consequences that we should better avoid to think, even if we know.

HOW can it be stopped?

There’s just one way! The only player who doesn’t plays in the geo strategical chess as a decider is the most powerful one, the one who turns the wheels of all these war machines: peoples! Peoples have one of their last chances to save themselves and the world as well. How? Just fight the system of capitals, national bourgeoisies, international trusts and military organizations.

Is it possible? YES, because the foundation of the existence of all those is the trust of peoples to them and the people who work for them. Is it simple? No, we need a doctrine, we need an ideology, able to convince today for the future, with very clear answers to every aspect of our social life and adapted to the modern, see actual, state of technology and human knowledge, as well the power and technology of humanity’s destroyers. Is it easy? Not at all, but IT’S NECESSARY.

We need a new flower power, combined with true ideology, people able and ready to change the world, not only because they are dreamers, but just because they don’t want to be, because they realistically understand that we have to change this world if we want to survive. In order to put Barry McGuire’s lyrics in the museum of an unreturned era, when people worried for their future, in a world with borders and war. Otherwise, these lyrics will be the last to listen in a world that will maybe disappear with its borders, into its wars.

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